The Importance of Proper Stone Veneer Installation

Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV) increases the value of homes, but improper installation can lead to costly damages. Though MSV is easier to install than a full stone wall, it does require masonry expertise and masonry-grade tools to ensure proper installation.

Why should you use a qualified mason to install stone veneer?

Hiring a qualified mason to install stone veneer ensures building owners get all the value and longevity out of their MSV installations – one less thing for builders to worry about.

When not installed properly, common issues that could cause significant damage to a home include:

  • Mold, rot, and other damage caused by moisture trapped behind the stone veneer due to improper mortar application
  • Leaks around windows, doors, vents, and other openings
  • Improperly installed stone veneer could also create a safety risk due to the potential the stone could fall. Qualified masons ensure the stone install looks aesthetically pleasing while completing to code.
  • Working with a qualified installer ensures bonding protection on the project to protect from any issues related to the install impacting other parts of the project.

StoneWorks is the only national manufacturer of stone veneer that offers Manufactured Stone Veneer plus installation for residential and commercial projects. From product selection through installation and warranty, StoneWorks offers builders one point of contact with an on-site project manager and dedicated field support.

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Stone Veneer Installation Resources

Understanding the technicality of installing stone veneer can help builders make the right decision for their residential and commercial projects. Each step from surface preparation to the actual installation is vital to avoiding costly damages in the future. Plus, StoneWorks warrantees our installation work for a full year (the time when any problems would be most likely to occur) and our product for 50 years. Visit our resources section to learn more about our products and installation services.

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