Case Study: The New American Home 2023

LOCATION: Henderson, NV
PRODUCT USED: StoneWorks 8” Polar Grezzo
BUILDER: Luxus Design Build

polar grezzo residential application


Situated on a .5-acre lot overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, the 2023 showing of The New American Home debuted the latest and greatest in residential construction through innovative design. Built and concepted by LUXUS Design Build and its sister company studio g ARCHITECTURE, the exterior of the 7,575 SQFT contemporary home features a pool courtyard, multiple firepits, an outdoor kitchen, built-in pizza oven, upper deck living spaces and panoramic views of the city.

To complement the sleek façade, StoneWorks Polar Grezzo Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV) was installed by the StoneWorks team on the front, side, and back elevations of the home, as well as the interior entry and wine wall. Polar Grezzo, with its crisp, bright white appearance, and rugged texture, was specially selected for its color and surface similarities to Jerusalem stone.


A principal goal of The New American Home program is to maximize housing performance and energy efficiency. The 2023 show home rated at an impressive -15 on the Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) Index – even more energy efficient than a net-zero home.

The addition of Polar Grezzo Stone Veneer to The New American Home optimized building energy performance and elevated its eco-friendly properties even more. The MSV used on the project was locally sourced and manufactured within 150 miles from the project site – greatly reducing emissions from long-haul transportation. Polar Grezzo Stone Veneer can be maintained without the use of harsh chemicals and does not release any greenhouse gases after installation. And, since stone veneer is durable and rarely needs to be replaced, the carbon footprint associated with maintenance is greatly reduced.

polar grezzo residential interior application

From preconstruction bidding to design selection and project management through installation, the StoneWorks team guided the masonry portion of the build every step of the way. To help bring the custom project to life, the team conducted a pre-bid meeting with LUXUS Design Build to walk through the initial design and best highlight the stone elements of the home. During construction, the builder opted for additional interior stone veneer to highlight the glass wine cellar by bringing the outdoor elements in for a cohesive design.

Aside from the aesthetic beauty, the StoneWorks team also provided the builder with guidance on proper waterproofing and transitional elements for the building systems being utilized. These recommendations ensured compliance with the Polar Grezzo product and manufacturer specifications so that the home will withstand the test of time.

Throughout the life of the project, the StoneWorks project manager and sales representative stayed in constant communication with the builder on sequencing, scheduling, and installation. A team of qualified masons completed the dry stack stone veneer installation with careful attention to detail, resulting in a dream home for a lucky buyer.

All images: Joel Gamble, Klassik Vizion Studios. StoneWorks is a proud sponsor of The New American Home. To learn more, visit: The New American Home 2023 | TNAH2023

Beautiful Stone Veneer, Installed.