A Builder's Stone Veneer Style Guide

Manufactured Stone Veneer is produced in a variety of different patterns, colors and styles to fit regional design trends and personal aesthetic. In this stone veneer style guide, StoneWorks showcases the different stone veneer profile types to highlight the unique elements that can add a timeless touch to your next residential or commercial project.

Stone Veneer Profile Styles

Manufactured Stone Veneer adds an earthly elegance to projects while oftentimes being a cost-saving option for the property owner due to its durability, long-lasting life cycle and high ROI. Whether you are considering stone veneer for an interior or exterior project, the array of dimensions, textures, and colors will add an eye-catching element to any design.

Traditional stone veneer mimics the look of natural stone with rugged edges and weather faced textures for a rustic look and feel. Traditional stone veneer profiles, such as Ledgestone, feature a mix of shapes and sizes for a classic look reminiscent of 18th and 19th century stone homes. The charm of traditional style stone veneer stands the test of time and is perfect both as an accent or the main attraction.

Modern Stone Veneer is the ideal choice for a sleek, bold or minimalistic aesthetic for homes and businesses. This profile type is often characterized by clean, straight lines with a symmetrical surface area. Modern stone veneer is most commonly offered in cool toned color palettes, such as neutral whites and sleek greys, to complement the hues often seen in contemporary designs.

Eccentric Stone Veneer colors and textures add an eye-catching element to facades and interior walls. The large, organic shapes create a stand-out focal point that can also be used to highlight spaces such as fireplaces, grills, or entryways for an impactful first impression.

Thin Brick Veneer provides builders with a classic brick look without the intense labor or added weight. Although thin brick works well for traditional and classic style homes, its vast color range and available edge profiles make it easy to adapt to any style – including modern.

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Stone Veneer Colors

Just as important as the profile itself is the color of the stone veneer that is selected. The structural design of the building and surrounding environment can impact your stone veneer color selection. Warmer tones such as burnt ambers and elegant oranges are best suited for rustic and traditional-style designs for a cozier appearance, while cool, darker tones are ideal for bold and modern aesthetics.

Stone veneer color trends can also vary based upon the region of the country where you are building. In the Southwest, cream-colored hues dominate the landscape thanks to its similarity to Texas limestone. In the Northeast, warmer tones that are reminiscent of the traditional stone homes of early settlers tend to be the selection of choice.

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