Case Study: The New American Home 2024

LOCATION: Henderson, NV
PRODUCT USED: StoneWorks Beardsley Panel Grezzo
BUILDER: Sun West Custom Homes


Seamlessly settled into the Nevada mountains, The New American Home 2024 combines glass, stone and natural wood to provide an inviting and contemporary ambience that is knit together by the StoneWorks Beardsley Panel Grezzo stone veneer.

“In this particular home, they have a rough, textured stone that also has a horizontal feel to it,” said Daniel Coletti, owner of Sun West Custom Homes. “I also love how the stone feels like it belongs in the mountainside here at Ascaya. When we saw it, it was pretty quick that we were like OK, this is our stone.’ And then we started building our color palette and everything around the stone. In a way, it’s like the pillar of our house.”

The 7,722 square foot home, designed and built by Sun West Custom Homes, boasts five bedrooms, five bathrooms, one half bath, dual two car garages and a connected casita on one level. The home’s exterior features a variety of resort-like amenities, including a stunning pool, five outdoor fireplaces and a state of the art outdoor kitchen.

From the entry through the interior to the outdoor living space, the Beardsley Panel Grezzo is a constant throughout the home, providing a look that is both sophisticated and rugged. Among smooth glass and wood, the stone veneer’s clean color elevates the home, while the rough, rocky texture blends with the mountain landscape.

“We were definitely trying to feel like we were still part of the mountainside in having this monolith piece of stone run from the front of the house to the back of the house,” said Jennie Marsh, interior designer at Sun West Custom Homes. “That was our main goal with using StoneWorks material.


Immersed in nature, The New American Home 2024 was built to live in harmony with its environment. With a Home Energy Rating System index of 45, the home is 145% more energy efficient than the average new home and 45% more efficient than a net zero home. The home’s commitment to eco-friendliness is evident through its solar panels, energy efficient utilities, natural gas fireplaces and Beardsley Panel Grezzo. The mortar base and stone veneer provide enhanced insulation and help to reduce the home’s energy consumption from heating and cooling over its lifetime.

Additionally, StoneWorks stone veneer is thoughtfully manufactured by a team of artisans using energy-efficient production methods, unlike typical natural stone that is sourced through destructive quarrying.


The StoneWorks team worked quickly to provide Sun West Custom Homes with stone veneer samples and swift product delivery. But they did not stop there. The StoneWorks team also installed the castle stone on the exterior and interior of the home. StoneWorks is the only nationally manufactured stone veneer brand that manages the scope of work on-site including complete installation to reduce risks to the builder.

“They’re unique in the way that they handle installations,” Coletti said. “What a great partnership to have with a company that can really manage a whole scope of work for us as an architectural and general contracting firm.”

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Beautiful Stone Veneer, Installed.